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The Dinosaur who lives inside the Volcano

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The Dinosaur who lived inside the Volcano. Just add water and watch me erupt!Isn’t it incredible what can come out of a Volcano! Watch it evolve into a dinosaur! Amazing!! A gentle way to introduce children to the concept of time – and patience! What a fun way for very young children to have “a pet” of their very own.

Contains: 1 jar

Jar Size: 6.8 x 6.8 x 9.2 cm

Recommended Age : 3+ years

Great party gift for guests

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The Dinosaur Who Lives Inside The Volcano by Seedling, is a volcano in a jar,  just add water and watch it erupt.   What comes out of a volcano?

Keep watching as it evolves…. into a dinosaur.

Introduce your child to the concept of time and patience, they will learn about times past.  A fun toy!!

The Dinosaur Who Lives Inside The Volcano is great for  the prehistoric or science lover enthusiast.  Also you will trigger their interest into history.


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